Behind the Scenes
How do we do it?
The prosumer revolution of the mid 90's made the technology necessary to do live greenscreen, remote filming, animation, webcasting, realtime image and text manipulation, and of course live video mixing, affordable. We strive to use these technologies to create shows that take the decades-old theatrical techniques of improv comedy and use them to create formats that have never before been possible.

In several of our live shows we have been able to utilize realtime greenscreen technology to put our actors in whatever location the scene requires. We use a hardware keyer to remove the green backdrop and replace it with still images and videos from our extensive searchable database. We currently have a large permanent screen installed at the IOWest Theater in Hollywood, and we recently constructed a smaller portable screen for shows in other theaters.

We often send remote camera crews outside the theater to film scenes during live shows. These scenes are filmed quickly in the area surrounding the theater, and the footage is mixed in with the rest of the show. Being outside the theater during portions of the show makes it difficult on the actors and the crew to maintain coherent story lines throughout the performance, but we structure our formats to compensate for this as much as possible. Bringing a live performance outside the theater to interact with real people is one of the things that makes AV Club shows unlike any other improvised performance ever produced.

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